Foster Care Application

Enter the name, age, and how they will be involved, for each member of your household
Enter the species, breed, age, sex, and date of last rabies vaccination for each animal in your household
Enter the name of your veterinarian
Phone number for your vet

In order to be approved to foster for MAAC, all animals in your home must be vaccinated against rabies.
Please consult your veterinarian about fostering. They may recommend additional vaccinations to protect your pets.

If needed, do you have approval to have a foster pet in your home?
If fostering a dog, do you have a fenced yard?
If yes, type and height of fence
Describe where you will be keeping the foster animals, including how you will separate them from your own animals, if applicable
Approximately how long, on an average day, will foster animals be left alone in the home (without people to monitor eating, behavior and elimination)?
Please describe your previous experience with animals
Are you currently or have you previously fostered for any other humane organization? If so, which one?
Please add anything else you would like to share about yourself or your experience?
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