Who We Are

The Maryland Animal Adoption Center (MAAC) is 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to placing unwanted animals in safe and loving homes and to further education and understanding about animal welfare, animal care, and best practices for animal re-homing in our community. We focus on locating animals in other parts of the region where adoption is often difficult, to the central Maryland area where they can be placed in caring homes.

MAAC was founded in 2019 to help place homeless animals and to be a resource for the community for all things related to animal welfare.

What We Do

Many shelters in rural or economically disadvantaged areas suffer from a population imbalance between animals taken in and animals adopted out within their communities, while lacking the resources to house and care for those animals over time. At the same time, shelters in other parts of the country, such as central Maryland, report a shortage of adoptable animals for placement with families and individuals seeking gentle and healthy animal companions.

MAAC transports unwanted animals from shelters elsewhere in the region to the central Maryland area where they can be placed in caring homes. At the same time, MAAC works to provide assistance to the shelters that we partner with, providing medications, food, and supplies to assist them in their missions.

MAAC also provides educational resources to the community in the areas of responsible pet ownership, managing issues with pet ownership, and ways to get involved in animal welfare issues locally; while demonstrating best practices in sheltering, transport, and animal welfare generally. We intend to be a model shelter and to act as a resource for other animal welfare organizations in the mid-Atlantic region.


MAAC safely transports animals according to the protocols of the Association for Animal Welfare Advancement. These best practices provide guidance in the areas of public health and safety; legal, medical, and regulatory compliance; animal assessment and care throughout the transport; and protocols for source and destination shelters, transport itself, and related activities.